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About Us

Tessellate Robotics is a mobile agricultural robotics company based on technology developed in Norlab, the Northern Robotics Laboratory at Laval University. Our mission is to offer a light, autonomous and robust electric vehicle that allows reliable and efficient data collection to farmers. Our vision is to bring the benefits of precision agriculture to scale. Our company offers robotic agricultural field inspection platforms. These platforms take the form of light vehicles that are adapted to the specificities of the fields. Our platforms allow to take measurements that can be used to generate observations on a variety of agronomic variables. These variables can then be used by an agronomy service to offer recommendations to farmers. According to our estimates, the savings associated with the use of the platform can reach $125 / hectare / year. We directly target the need of farmers to generate more observations in their field in order to better target their use of agronomic products (fertilizers, pesticides, etc.). These observations are time consuming for the farmer, because they require going directly to the field to observe it. As a market, we are targeting agronomy and precision farming service providers, who need to increase the number of observations made in the field in order to offer better recommendations to producers.

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